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Sana Citrus Press Mechanical

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This professional juicer is easy to use and clean. It quickly and gently extracts juice from oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes and medium sized grapefruit. It is also the fastest way to make pomegranate juice. Simply place half a citrus over the stainless steel funnel, lower and push down on the handle to enjoy 100% natural juice. Bitterness from the peel, as well as the pulp and seeds, are left behind. The Sana citrus press is made of high quality cast iron with a large, nonreactive stainless steel strainer and basket. Features an extra-wide base for stability and oversize grip handle. Also available is an optional tomato juice attachment which strains out tomato seeds and skin.

Technical specification

Colours black, white
Juicing Process: manual citrus press
Weight: 7,8 Kg
Dimensions: 450 x 178 x 229 mm