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SANA Kitchen Scale digital

Digital Kitchen scale from Sana becomes a tool to help in the preparation of raw materials not only for your homemade bread.

Digital scale in compact size and elegant design is easily operated using touch sensors under the screen. Tempered safety glass is easy to maintain and adds weight unique design. Due to the highly sensitive sensor weighs with an accuracy of 1 g. Measured values easily read on a sufficiently large LCD display. Definitely you will appreciate increased load capacity 10 kg, which is not common kitchen scales.

A clever system enables not measure the weight of the solid ingredients in grams (pounds) also determine the volume of water or milk in milliliters. The advantage is a function of progressive tare weight of the container and reset. Kitchen scale Sana is also equipped with overload indicator and low battery alert to. In addition to measuring weight and volume Sana digital scale can also be used as a calendar, clock, alarm clock / minute, thermometer and hygrometer. You are able to hung it on the wall or use the stand for the position on the table.


  • large LCD display
  • high precision strain gauge sensor
  • calendar / clock / alarm clock / thermometer / hygrometer
  • measuring thevolume of waterandmilk
  • possibility to hang on the wall or stand on table
  • two unit systems: g(kg) lb
  • resetting the weight of the container and the gradual adding of other ingredients
  • overload indicator / low battery

Technical specification

 Max. load capacity:  10 kg
 Power supply:  2 x 1.5V AA / AAA (not included)
 Color:  white
 Dimensions:  220 x 175 x 19 mm
 Weight:  530 g
 Materal:  tempered safety glass
 Warranty:  2 years