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SANA Kitchen Scale digital

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Great for measuring ingredients for recipes or for making bread, the Sana Digital Kitchen Scale is also a valuable tool for raw foodists. Compact and elegant, this scale uses touch sensors located under the glass surface for easy use. Even though it has a high 5-kg capacity, it is also very accurate.

Not only will this scale measure weight in grams or ounces, it can also measure the volume of water or milk in milliliters or ounces. You can also place a container on it and zero out the container’s weight. Simply tap the surface to turn it on. It will automatically shut off after two minutes. Bright LED display is easy to read in any lighting.


  • large LED display
  • high precision weight sensor
  • measures both weight and liquid volume (water and milk)
  • switchable between metric and imperial measurements
  • zero function to deduct container weight
  • touch controls

Technical specification

 Max. load capacity:  5 kg
 Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
 Color:  black
 Dimensions:  210 x 160 x 20 mm
 Weight:  500 g
 Materal:  tempered safety glass